is a beautiful, visually-inspired resource magazine with a heavy

emphasis on advertising. This all-inclusive format establishes a conduit between

advertisers and their prospective customers through colorful and informative ad design,

combined with professional and targeted editorial features. Published since 2003, HOME

EDITION features quality businesses in the Chicagoland area, showcasing their

products, services and informative news.

Content  |  We craft well-timed, professionally written editorial features in every

issue to allow our advertisers the opportunity to engage with our readers

by showcasing their companies, products and services.


Targeted Distribution  |  HOME EDITION has your marketing needs covered.

We publish 3 magazines per month, 12 times per year, and reach 225,000

unique & affluent suburban homes in Chicagoland every quarter (75,000

homes per month / 25,000 homes per month, per zone). Additionally,

we email digital copies of our magazines every month to

another 250,000+ homes.


Demographics  |  HOME EDITION magazines are targeted to reach the most

affluent single-family homes in the Chicago suburbs. These homeowners represent

incredible buying power as a result of incremental income levels well above

the norm. All of our homes are valued at $350,000 to over $2.5 million.


Frequency & Reach  |  We publish three, zone-focused magazines each month.

When you combine our 225,000 unique and affluent HOME EDITION audience,

250 business/retail outlets with our 250,000+ email audience, our advertisers

can count on their message being viewed by more than

1 MILLION READERS every quarter!